Registered Estate Planner

Registered Estate Planner (REP) One-day Training

Module 1: Understanding Estate Planning
  • Developing the Estate Plan
  • Planning for death and incapacity

Module 2: Understanding Estate Taxation
  • Computing for estate tax liabilities
  • Identifying acquisitions and transfers not subject to estate tax

Module 3: Understanding Wills and Trusts Strategies
  • Applying the different kinds of Trusts in the Philippines
  • Understanding the Concepts of Wills and Succession
  • Writing a Holographic Will

Module 4: Understanding Gifting and Life Insurance Strategies
  • Identifying the formal requisites of donation
  • Defining the uses of gifts and donations and its prohibitions

Module 5: Understanding Buy-Sell Arrangement and Incorporation Strategies
  • Applying installment sales and sales-leaseback for succession
  • Incorporating family assets for non-tax benefits

Module 6: Understanding Special Power of Attorney and Settling the Estate
  • Appreciating the advantages of SPA
  • Identifying the grounds for termination of SPA