Getting Started In Investment
by Chris Gan

Getting Started in Investment reaches out to investors who are new to the modern investment world, who wish to gain a basic understanding of investment analysis.However, seasoned investors who may be interested in improving their investment analysis skills will also this book useful.

by Jeffrey Chiew

Business is tough and competitive game, especially when the chips are down. Your competitors are fighting harder for your business and territory.You could run faster or you could run smarter-or both. Learn:
  • The six habits of highly effective superachievers
  • Eight electrifying steps in developing a multi-million dollar personality
  • The secrets and strategies of the superachievers
  • The golden rules to be a multi-milllionaire
  • How superachievers build their popularity and increase their influence
  • The eleven steps in crisis management
  • How to sell your ideas so that people will listen attentively
  • The formula that guarantees your success.Learn the secrets of successful governments and apply them in your personal life
  • The art of showmanship and change your life instantly
  • How superachievers think, learn and earn
  • Many other powerpacked ideas that can multiply your wealth and happiness.

The Millionaire Formula
by Dr. Jeffrey Chiew with Tan Thiam Hock

The Millionaire Formula introduces a step-by-step approach to becoming a millionaire, using a personal tried and tested formula, revealed for the very first time.

In this easy-to-read guide, multi-millionaire Dr. Jeffrey Chiew generously shares his vast experience in wealth creation and reveals his simple yet enlightening approach to building a massive fortune.

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