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20 participants were fretted by three international lecturers for five days of fast track learning that is light on theory, practical, pragmatic and experimental learning. Paul Arundell, Australian banking, wealth and insurance professional, Kevin Ho, Singaporean leading portfolio management and wealth advisory specialist was joined by Suraj Mishra, Managing Director, Aprikot Singapore, educator, fund management and insurance products specialist. The program covered the global wealth management situation , basic investments and asset classes, global wealth and portfolio management strategies, risk management and wealth planning strategies , presentation skills, client advisory and relationship management skills, DISC profiling, business grooming and dining etiquettes.

The need for qualified wealth managers are due firstly to increasing numbers of high net worth individuals (HNWI) population , secondly to growing wealth and thirdly to younger demographics. Asia Pacific’s HNWI population grew by 9.7% to 3.3 million in 2010, exceeding Europe and North America. In the Middle East, the size of the HNWI population gained 10.4% to 0.4million. Asia Pacific is home to many of the world’s fastest growing HNWI populations. The 20 fastest growing HNWI populations are in Asia Pacific and Middle East including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India.The Asia Pacific region’s HNWI wealth grew 12.1% to US$10.8 trillion and in the Middle East, HNWI’s wealth jumped 12.5% to US$1.7 trillion. Japan remains the single largest HNWI segment in Asia Pacific, followed by China (16.1%), and Australia (5.8%). Globally, HNWIs aged 45 years and under , represented just 17% of all HNWIs. (source: Capgemini and Merril Lynch Global Wealth Management-2011 World Wealth Report.)

Filipino HNWIs are growing in tandem with the growth seen in the Asia Pacific region with the Philippines economy being the rising star. A HNWI is defined as a millionaire whose assets (excluding the primary house) is US$3 million and above. The exact number of HNWIs in the Philippines with 90 million population is unknown but wealth is seen all around.

IARFC Philippines was the first company to introduce financial planning education in 2004 in the Philippines and to date over 1000 financial planners have been trained by the company.The Chartered Wealth Manager program is a natural progression for financial planners. It’s designed to enhance careers of private bankers, wealth managers,insurance and financial professionals. CWM focuses on developing relationships, sales, wealth advisory and core financial planning skills to equip wealth managers with global best practices.

To stay competitive in this high growth industry, it is important to enhance one’s professional education. The CWM is highly interactive and experiential program where participants are challenged, engaged and creative. The CWM designation is awarded by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), a professional USA based world- wide self regulatory body and independent Board of Standards and Accreditation Council with members in over 150 countries. IARFC Philippines in collaboration with Aprikot Philippines, master franchise of the AAFM programs for the Philippines, organise the first CWM course for its members. Financial institutions, educators and training providers are encouraged to collaborate to popularise the CWM program..

Participants testimonials:

Anarosa "Nana" Santos, RFC , CWM. “I really enjoyed it and very relevant to financial advisors”.

Arceli Tan, RFC, CWM. “A course all financial advisors should not miss!.”

Angela Bauzon. CWM. “Everything is great. “

Belen Pujol, RFC , CWM. “ Focuses on how to effectively work around the challenges today's Wealth Managers are confronted with in gaining clients' trust”.

Dennis Tiu, RFC, CWM. “Gives me a strong foundation to become a trusted financial advisor to my clients”.

Grace Escobar, RFC, CWM. “I liked the class room activities”.

Guianne Balao, RFC, CWM. “Program brings me to the same wavelength of the client, enhances my skills, confidence and creditability to work with high networth clients”.

Myrna Cortez, RFC, CWM.“Gave me different perspectives and approaches in asset allocation. Supplements my knowledge in estate and business planning”.

Toots Cortez, RFC, CWM. “CWM has taught me different level of knowledge which can help me in my practice”.

Ida Sheng , RFC, CWM. “Lecturers have very good platform skills. Super! Excellent.”

Ronald SugusLegaspi, RFC, CWM.“Thank you for bringing the CWM course to the Philippines and to us”.

Joseph Ryan Daez, RFC, CWM. “Learning was very practical and usable”.

VeronilynOcampo, RFC, CWM. “The CWM was such a good experience. It’s indeed fun and worth my investment.”

Wendy Jalbuena, RFC, CWM. “Having worked in different sectors of the financial industry, the CWM course connects all together.”

Ralph Liew
Chairman & CEO, IARFC Philippines
IARFC Philippines